Video for Cheap

Posted by on May 11, 2018 in Photo & Video | No Comments

Have you ever tried getting a kid to eat when a TV is playing anywhere nearby? Right, so you already know a video captivates—even if it isn’t high-end.
We love producing video, but we also love tools that let our clients produce their own. With a mobile phone and the right app, you can easily begin replacing static photos with videos in your social media posts and ads. Without spending a penny more, your ad budget could get better results—up to 500% better results.

Give it a shot:

Adobe Spark Video: a freemium app that lets you turn photos and video into well-produced content with titles and music.
Magisto: Centered on storytelling, this app offers a monthly subscription
LapseIt: Specializes in time-lapse videos which are great for tourism and construction businesses, just to name a couple.