Who we are, what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if small business ownership came with a field guide? Someone to help you navigate the worlds of branding and marketing in a landscape that constantly changes?

Sakka Studio is a small team that—as a whole—is part designer, part storyteller, part digital marketer, part social media veteran, part SEO expert, part teacher, part web developer, part retailer. Working together, we’re small business champions, here to guide and support you to success.

Best of all, we can take as much or as little ownership of your marketing as you like. Whether you want someone to patiently coach you through implementing your own marketing plan, or need someone to take the ball and run, we can help.

We’ll tell you if a marketing service is a waste of money, but also suggest services, platforms, and ideas that are a better fit for your business. In short, our advice is  based on experience, not referral commissions.

design & branding

From logos to catalogs to retail packaging, we’ve been creating designs that communicate and sell for over twenty years. Chances are good that you’ve already seen our work in some of your favorite haunts.

photo & video

Storytelling is always simplest with imagery, be it still or moving. We offer in-studio product photography and on-site photography and video services to help tell your story.

web & apps

We’ve been creating websites for small and big businesses, universities and non-profits since 1996. Today, we create mobile-first user experiences designed to get results.

digital marketing

We create and manage campaigns to grow audiences, sell products, and foster loyalty—through email, social media, search engines, traditional print advertising, or all of the above.

What does it cost?

Every client’s needs and timing are unique, so off-the-shelf pricing has never seemed smart to us. Rather than force your needs into an arbitrary package, let’s chat about your goals and put together a plan to help you meet them. Whether you need our skills for half an hour or a hundred each month—you’ll never pay for services you don’t need.


Medical Practice

Discover how working with Sakka Studio has helped a medical practice grow year over year. Grab some popcorn, this working relationship has lasted through more than three presidential administrations.

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