The Internet landscape is continually shifting, but some things are constant. The brands that win give users what they’re searching for with the least amount of pain. And these days, pain means slow load times, poor mobile performance, and confusing interfaces.

We’ve been building custom websites since 1996, and we know the recipe for website success: keep evolving to serve the audience better.

Interactive Design

“They are amazing. Sakka does much of our creative marketing, from photography and package design, to recreating our website. They are always creative, have a great eye for trends, and do it all in a timely manner. I definitely recommend Sakka Studios.” 

— J. Macho, Dial Industries

Medical app for pediatrician's office.

Mobile Apps

Browsers can only get you so far. For lightning-fast data loading, intuitive interfaces, and enhanced security, sometimes a mobile app is the best solution. We deliver thoughtful, polished, and usable interfaces for mobile.


Website Development

Responsive, accessible, and goal-driven website development is our aim. Whether you need a quick Shopify setup or a fully custom, interactive experience uniquely your own, we can help.

Mobile-friendly ecommerce website for international brand.


Selling online is not as simple as “if-you-build-it-they-will-come.” Successfully selling online means having a delightful user experience on all devices, a seamless flow, SEO-optimized product pages, effortless follow-up, top-notch supporting content.

“We’re a small company and don’t have an in-house design team so we rely heavily on Sakka Studio to do our advertising, catalogs, and social media ads.”

— K. Petersen, Grandway

medical clinic website development

Medical Practice Website


Health Startup Website

Interface design for an ADA compliant ramp surveying app.

Surveying App UI & UX

Brtand & Packaging

Brand & Packaging

Catalog Design

Catalog Design

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